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Manage your entire circuit centrally








Control your shows from an intuitive and powerful interface with Ciné Manager v3.

Now manage your content (trailers, advertising packs, CPL) in one place and for an entire cinema circuit with Ciné Manager v5.

Ciné Manager v5 is a SaaS solution responsive to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Forget creating and scheduling playlists, Ciné Manager v5 takes care of it
Prevent breakdowns of your projection equipment
Spot missing content or expired KDM in a snap
Manage the projection booths of several theaters from the same interface
Don't worry, this new robust architecture relies on a local hardware server

Rights Management

The product adapts according to uses and users.

Remote access

Application available from any device connected to the Internet (laptop, tablet, etc.).

Unlimited number of theaters

Manage a complete circuit regardless of its size.

Complete automation

Shedule the shows, Ciné Manager v5 manages content transfers, decryption keys (KDM) and playlists construction.

User friendly

A simple and intuitive interface allows you to easily manage all movie theaters.


Make sure you don't miss any issues, all shows run smoothly on all screens.

Monitor the equipment status (projectors, servers, etc.), the reception of content and decryption keys as well as all playlists scheduling in the projection servers.

Quickly locate failing sites with map view.

Installation de matériels


Monitor a stream of every screening from across your circuit or examine individual schedules at specific sites.

  • Start or stop a show
  • View show progress
  • Control the lights in the auditorium
  • Create intermissions
  • and many other features...
Management des médias

Media Management

Create a link between the shows scheduled in your ticketing software and Ciné Manager v5, indicate the correspondences with the contents in the projection servers.

Create show templates and Ciné Manager v5 will generate your playlists based on the characteristics of the show and schedule them automatically.

Installation de matériels


View and control schedule for each screen.

  • Show schedule
  • Playlist integrity
  • Content availability
  • etc.
Editeur de packs

Pack editor

Adapt the pre-show according to your schedule.

Edit pre-show packs with criteria such as date ranges, age limits or target audience. Ciné Manager v5 automatically generate the corresponding shows.



Scheduled content deletion and manual deletion in your circuit from one screen.

Perfect tool for storage management.

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